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JUST THE SEX: Brent Corrigan and Luke Hass

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Alright! So what? So you caught me. I’m totally guilty.

I have nothing to write about right now other than . . . sex.

Luke Hass waiting for Brent Corrigan to come fuck him.

Hopefully that’s alright? Do you mind? I mean, I don’t want to bore you or anything. All I have to write about is JUST THE SEX. I understand if you don’t want to read on. But how could you resist with all these lovely, quite graphic illustrations I have to go along with my commentary?

C’mon, it’s not so bad, is it?

I mean, you’re getting something . . . I got something (clearly if you look at these pictures ;-) )

It’s a win – win situation, no?

Brent Corrigan kissing Luke Hass!

Do you know who Luke Hass is? If you follow that link to his blog, you’ll see some inside pictures he leaked from our set of photos together (shot down in the canyon behind my house last spring!) You may not recognize him if you typically find yourself circling the twinkier adult markets. Luke Hass did his very first shoots here at BrentCorriganInc.com before he ran off and signed that exclusive contract with Raging Stallion.

I was really quite surprised when he told me the news. I said, “Luke, what were you thinking?! They don’t even use the kinds of guys you are attracted to! You’re going to be the closest thing to TWINK in their line up!” Yet, he assured me they were very good at providing him with the right kind of co star he preferred. I must insist, however – nothing in Luke’s work compares to the 3 scenes he did with me. The first 3 scenes he’s ever filmed for a company! His latest blog entry makes light of the recent mention of his blog in Unzipped Magazine. I’m also mentioned in the same article. I got one of the highest ratings ;-) So did Luke!

oops, where did that come from?

If you’ve stuck around the blog at all in the last 6 months or so, you’ve heard me mention him a few times. You’ve especially heard me mention that Luke has one of THE BEST uncut cocks I’ve ever had the pleasure of . . . well, you know? It’s perfectly proportioned. There’s just enough skin there for a smooth glide without getting in the way any. His dick has near-perfect coloration: dark and exotic without appearing burnt ;-)

And it’s big! Just big enough to take on for 2-3 hour long fuck sessions without having to stop and give your poor little ass a break ;-) In many ways, his dick is comparable to mine. Both slightly curve to the left. Although, he’s probably just a bit thicker with the right amount of foreskin. Even if you don’t like uncut, you can hardly tell Luke is.

Luke's dick is comparable to Brent Corrigan's

We filmed this scene in March 2007 when Grant and I were struggling to get BCi off the ground after Lee forced us out of BCO. Luke wanted to get experience in a smaller studio, and he wanted to work with me bad enough that he made us a deal. If you notice in the scene, this was filmed the last time I cut my hair short. I was trying to grow in side burns and some chin scratch but I was still just too young. We had a very playful time together (seen here, I put my boxers over his head and he pulled them down around his neck so he could suck my dick).

Luke Hass blowing Brent Corrigan.

I wore my classic converse during the whole scene. I wore these in much of my early content at BCO. I smell an auction item (along with my GET SOME EVERYDAY t-shirt).

WIDE SHOT: Luke sucking Brent Corrigan.

Brent Corrigan enjoying a good blow job.

Luke has one of the best mouths in the business! I didn’t lose my erection, even slightly, through the whole scene. This scene just flowed on through, he and I improvising instead of relying on pre positioned blocking (most scenes are thought out ahead of time). We didn’t need it!

great shot! two dicks, one frame. One good blow job.

Luke Hass has a long, darty tongue great for . . .

I’m surprised in all the heat and distraction the chair didn’t tip on us. I just couldn’t get close enough to him so I took matters into my own hands. It looks very uncomfortable but this is the best way to get a thorough rim job. I urge you to try it sometime, but I encourage you to watch the scene first to see how it’s done (and be sure to pick a chair that is low to the ground and sturdy).

Brent Corrigan sitting on Luke Hass' face!

Luke Hass licking Brent Corrigan's butt ;-) nice curve!

The big picture: Luke and Brent Corrigan.

Every scene Luke Hass and I filmed together was a versatile, flip flop scene. He’s got a naturally toned and muscled body and one of the sexiest back arches I’ve every had the pleasure of being behind. But the truth is, the best part about fucking Luke is the handful I get when I reach around. It’s something sturdy and large to grasp when I start fucking so crazy I can’t keep my balance!

Luke Hass' dick and hole!

Brent Corrigan teasing Luke Hass' hole.

Great shot of my tight little butt before I get ready slide my dick inside Luke!

Brent Corrigan bracing before fucking Luke.

There’s that arch I was telling you about! This is a MUST HAVE in a great adult scene. I find myself having to time and time again teach it to the boys who come in and film for us. For a lot of boys, this is a learned thing that doesn’t just happen naturally. But once they get it down, it’s down. You can’t forget that feeling when you finally let go, thrust your ass out and pull your shoulders back for the best ride ever! Luke knows what I’m talking about ;-)

Luke Hass arching his back for Brent Corrigan.

I fucked Luke in two positions. I like to go first as often as I can in my versatile scenes because I prefer to cum while getting fucked. This was one of the first scenes I’ve ever really felt like a natural top. You can see how ‘at home’ I am inside Luke in these scene captures from the scene.

flipped!  Brent Corrigan going to town on Luke's ass!

UP CLOSE: Brent Corrigan fucking Luke Hass in JUST THE SEX.

Despite some dark lighting and absence of spot lights, this scene boasts some of the best camera angles ever! In fact, Grant pays very close attention to being able to see as much as possible at all times (sometimes too much I may argue!). You will not see bodies just bumping at each other in JUST THE SEX. You’ll see everything. Bodies. Cocks. Buttholes. Penetration. When we’re fucking; you know it. You’re dick will too ;-)

WIDE: Brent Corrigan pounding Luke Hass. Yum!

YUM.  The best shot of the whole scene!  Look at that stretch!

In true Brent Corrigan tradition, I take over when I want to. To get things warmed up on me, I rode Luke for our first position. I know, you might be tired of watching me ride but at least I can boast some of the best ‘lift’ in the industry! Nothing but long, slow strokes here, folks!

Luke Hass' dick and Brent Corrigan's butt in Just the Sex

Luke is one able top, so naturally I let him take over real quick. My face says it all in this capture! You can see the precum dripping from my dick!

Luke Hass entering Brent Corrigan!

Brent Corrigan stays hard the whole time Luke Hass fucks him in Just the Sex.

The switch! Nothing like missionary to let an expert really get to work on you! Take it out and put it back in hard!

open wide!

pull it out and stick it back in, hard!

Ok! That makes me cum. Sorry I couldn’t last very long in that last position. It just felt too good. Yeah, I love being in control but sometimes I cum fastest when they take over completely and force my orgasm out of me. Luke is good at that! After 3 scenes together, he’s one of the best costars I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. You can see it in this scene for sure.

Luke Hass fucks Brent Corrigan until he cums in Just the Sex!

What I love most about JUST THE SEX is the varying of my looks throughout the different scenes. We managed to pull content of me that spanned over the last year or so, instead of putting in work from just the last few months. With varying costars and boys of all shapes and sizes, there’s enough variety in this thing without abandoning a strong sense of continuation. There isn’t a little dick in this whole DVD!

Luke Hass and Brent Corrigan are just one of 5 great pairs going at it in JUST THE SEX. This is exactly what you get when you match two costars that actually, really want to fuck each other. In fact, if you buy this DVD (see link below) that’s one thing you’ll notice throughout. These guys really want to do it together and they genuinely enjoy the ‘work’ at hand.

Luke Hass cumming all over Brent Corrigan.

overhead shot of Luke Hass cumming in Brent Corrigan's JUST THE SEX.

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  • Mercy says:

    looks like you two were defiantlely enjoyin yourselves :)
    and did Just the Sex come out or am i thinkin of..Summit..haha
    well hope you’ve had a great couple days
    much love Brent

  • Albert says:

    I haven’t laughed so much at one of your posts in a long time. This was delightful. Like one of the old. ‘Ask Brent’ articles told with a grin. The best two line is think were, “be sure to pick a chair that is low to the ground and sturdy.” :) It still cracks me up. Also, ” Nothing but long, slow strokes,…” Great stuff here.
    You hit a personal note with, “Nothing like missionary to let an expert really get to work on you! Take it out and put it back in hard.” That would be my D. He gets my legs vibrating doing that.
    I guess I reminisce because it has been too long now. DeWayne, when are you coming to San Antonio?
    I have not watched my copy of ‘Just the Sex’ yet but I did wear my ‘Speak Softly” shirt to work on Friday. (Friday’s are casual days.) I got a LOT of compliments on my shirt and my taste in clothing. If they only knew. :)
    Love from Texas, Albert

  • Creeker Creeker says:

    A great scene, your comments make it that much hotter!

    Love your picture captions. Have a good weekend.

  • davidlondon davidmlondon says:

    hey Brent
    another hot scene, which makes me wonder are you going to show us all the scenes from the new film or is this all your showing along with the other scene you already previewed in pics here?
    i hope sales are doing well
    cant wait to see what you do next
    until next time
    David (london, england)

  • dewayneinsd dewayneinsd says:

    Actually David I think Brent has planned to write about each scene. He also knows I plan on posting about each scene. ;) We are trying to keep out of each others hair (okay bad analogy since HE has such Beautiful Hair and I don’t!)

    Two Bloggers trying to keep it interesting and not repeat what the other one has posted!

    IS that what we are doing Brent?

    Anyway I am doing a post on the Brent – Ace scene next (Monday or Tuesday) since it was the FIRST scene I watched,,,well I am fudging I watched Seth and Ace first and busted one out.
    FYI You can’t review a porn analytically while reviewing porn anatomically!

    Does that make sense? ;)

    So Brent one Question Was Ace really Painful or what?

    You had a look of PURE Electric Shock go thru your body when he went really deep,,,

    But you were ROCK HARD the whole time! ;)

    As for this post one of YOUR best and this scene is almost a “buried treasure” when you consider its been under wraps for a year and a half!

    Yeah I watch THIS next!

    And the short hair really made you look too young again I think longer hair suits you best esp with the new chin scruff coming in! :)

    All the best

  • moments leon69 says:

    Hi Brent, this is one of your best scenes….
    hot, affectionate and full harmony…..
    love it so much… Luke has a beautiful smile and body, and you look fucking sexy with short hair… in my opinion… very manly *WOW*
    oh.. and Dukie is sooo sweet… I envy you…
    take care, Sunshine…

  • Jan11 says:

    Dear Brent !
    It’s funny how people write they have not watched their copy of JTS yet. I wanted to take some days to see the scenes but by now (since Friday) I have watched the scenes a lot of times already. And I mean the scenes with you.

    There is a lot to be said about it. Tastes are different of course. I for one do not see a point in looking older and manlier. You are unique. There are enough hunks out there. That sounds as if I would prefer the boyish Brent, but actually I prefer the many faced Brent (man, boy, lady, merman, and a lot of other things). The short hair and the stubble in the scene with Luke is not my personal taste. But in many other respects the scene is remarkable for its amazing intimacy. I can only hope that you will also make the others scenes public as I felt (after several sessions of watching it) that it could be even more, and also longer. There is a rhythm, a flow in your encounter that is very endearing. But there is also your tendency to go on with the show, be it the well established pace and instinct of the experienced pornographer or your personal horniness. Luke seems to be a subtle lover and when he touched your shoulder or cheek in the beginning you seemed slightly distracted and when he finally made a move to suck your nipple (that is a thing that sends me through the roof) one could al least say you did not encourage him. I do love to see what I get to see even though I understand that you must feel a bit strange about some of the close-up shots (still, the encounter of glans and anus in the very last shot is hilariously gentle and exciting, and something I have not seen before in this way), I want to see the real thing, but also the tiny little things in between, and the little sounds and dialogues. And Luke seems to be the person to elaborate this with.
    Maybe I am wrong but you are a lot quieter in JTS than in earlier works.

    Just one more thing: there is one position when you are topping him, but embrace him with legs spread wide moving your hips very subtly while Luke grabs and sort of moves your butt. That has amazing elegance and shows your true style in topping. As I said before, it is not about manliness, and not about proving to be “a stud” like all the others. That is beneath you. This way of fucking someone does not fall into any register of dominance, it is a gentle encounter with the whole boring opposition of active and passive getting blurred.
    Rare things in porn indeed.

    I would love to say something about the solo, that is to me, and probably many others, always the cherry on the Corrigan pie, but I postpone that.

    In admiration

  • Rob Rob says:


    This is probably the most erotic professional scene commentary I am ever going to read. Yet, it discusses the repoire between you and your scene partner, the technical aspects as those aspects pertain. It’s awesome. Thank whatever for this vision of yours and Grant’s. I didn’t even miss a storyline and background music. Actually, I didn’t miss those elements at all.

    Brent you certainly have vision and Grant has tenacity.

    Glad you comment. It’s reassuring.

  • thanks for sharing

  • giacomo1986 says:

    I really think you look much much better with shorter hair. At least it turns me on more… =) Your new “bulbous” hairstyle in latter flicks makes your head look out of proportion. No offence, just an honest thought.

    I’ve always enjoyed your astonishing ability to reflect a true sense of intimacy in your work; your sensual back arches, your besodden-with-lust facial expressions…it looks REAL, not manufactured. To me, that is your lasting appeal. However, in my view, that appeal is threatened by your gradual metamorphosis to a hunk, amplified with beach blonde hair and thickening thighs. =) Don’t get me wrong, I completely empathise with your desire to appear less (illegally) boyish, but as Jan11 said, you’re unique and you need not assimilate with the scores of other emotionless baboons that plague the industry.

    While I may be labelled a heretic for menetioning this, I truly believe your best work was with Brent Everett – I long for the day when both of you rendezvous once again.

    Peace from the ass end of the world – Australia.

  • Brent says:

    There seems to be a clear and present concern that my metamorphosis into a ‘hunk’ is affecting the way I look and how I approach my work.

    While I haven’t tried to pass myself off as a dominating top anywhere, and I don’t intend to, there’s a science here that so many people just seem so oblivious to – despite that we all know it, and know it quite well.

    It’s the science of age. The art of growing older.

    I can’t stop it! Sorry guys! No one can. And there for, I must embrace it, accept it and work toward doing so gracefully. I just can’t remain a fresh faced twinkie forever. The next phase of Brent is already here and I’m much happier with myself because of it. I was miserable being 100 lbs. I felt scrawny, insignificant and inadequate. I don’t think anyone but a child star or twink model (who really, genuinely cares about their adult work and career, that is) can relate to what it’s like to grow older in a business; especially when you go into business at a very young age. You would be astonished to know how many people out there actually expect me to stay that way forever!

    I may be quieter in this project, as one pointed out but there are two obvious reasons for this. 1) When I filmed at Cobra Video, I had a pervert on the other end of the camera constantly urging me “more noise. MORE NOISE!” and 2) when I did my 1 project at Falcon, it was like being on stage (everything is bigger, more exaggerated and louder on stage – and definitely all fake). But I will keep this in mind the the coming scenes and I will try and add more natural soundtrack. I’ve been aware of the lack of sexual chorus in our work from day 1. In amateur productions, sound is last priority.

    With all the other distractions that come with directing and producing while modeling, some things can and do slip through the cracks. For my second installment, I’m just proud we remembered to turn on the lights and white balanced the cameras!

  • Jan11 says:

    Dear Brent
    Of course growing older is inevitable. And it is well put to say that it is an art. However, I would like to emphasize once more that you have not been an extraordinary twink who is about to become an ordinary guy; rather it becomes more obvious that you are unique while you are getting more adult – otherwise you would not be where you are. Still, there are always decisions to be made how to constantly invent yourself; some if these decisions are reversible (like hair colours), others rather not (like changing the muscle structure). I guess you can never please all your fans as their tastes are so divers; but still I dare to say that all of them are your fans because of something unique about you. So I see no point in become more normal, manly, whatever.

    Concerning the sound: I did not mean fake and loud performance; I meant small, intimate, sometimes funny, playful casual talk and sounds (a bit like in summit, behind the scenes); it is very instructing what you have said about your double booking. Being a little familiar with film, performance etc. I can tell: that shows a little. I hope for a future where you can be even more relaxed in front of the camera.

    Don’t get me wrong, if I would not love the work I would not have posted. And frankly I stopped watching any other porn.

    In admiration

  • dewayneinsd dewayneinsd says:

    Brent said,,,

    I don’t think anyone but a child star or twink model (who really, genuinely cares about their adult work and career, that is) can relate to what it’s like to grow older in a business; especially when you go into business at a very young age.

    You would be astonished to know how many people out there actually expect me to stay that way forever!

    Brent this is the curse of achieving a degree of Celebrity at an early age (just ask the Brady kids Bobby became an Adult Boozer & skirt chaser of some legend)

    You made a huge impression in gay Porn at 17 and to many people you are frozen in time just like many famous child stars. Why do you think Rick Schroeder romped naked on NYPD Blue? He was driving a stake thru “Ricky” Schroeder of Silver Spoons.

    I am a great film buff and Historian, one of my favorite books on the special pain of the “Child Star” is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: And Don’t Have Sex or Take the Car” by Dick Moore http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dickie_Moore_(actor) one of the original Our Gang (Little Rascals) cast. Moore interviewed many famous child celebs and found a very disturbing disconnect between their adult lives and the public’s frozen memories.

    Your experience was different because you were in porn of course (and your early work is forever banned)

    Still the public image of you begins with that 115lb waif.

    I think you have moved as smoothly as possible into the Adult Brent and while you may lose a few fans along the way you will gain new ones. The vast majority of us will always be here because you have made your connection with all of us on a personal and undefinable level.

    Just a thought about “natural and real sex” vs the Falcon Glam Video’s

    The customers have voted with their Credit cards.

    Amateur porn is king now, Studio Porn is a much smaller part of the market today.

    Speaking of lights and cameras, something else you nearly forgot in the scene with Luke Hass.

    I wondered when you two were going to notice Dickie had not taken the hint and was very content to remain on Lukes lap!

    The beginning of that scene is very tender and real to me very unlike most porn.

  • Mercy says:

    first of all if people think that whatever they want to call you now, brent is bad then they must be crazy..you’ve never looked better and i love how you look!
    jan is right you are unique and i know thats whats drawn me to you atleast..you have such a different view on things and changed my mind about serval things.
    ehh..i jsut want to add(no offense to brent everett) but do not go back with him…haha i couldnt stand his lips…:)
    your friend or fan whatever you want to call me,

  • dewayneinsd dewayneinsd says:

    Damn in comment #13 I forgot to add the summation by Dick Moore.

    What is the secret to a rewarding and successful life for the former child star? (Or Twink Model)

    You grow up and become an Adult, you realize that your childhood was strange, unusual by other folks experience but move on. Never look back except to see something that is not a part of your life anymore.

    you seem to understand this Brent

    The fans need to “grasp change” its not your problem it’s ours…

  • Albert says:

    Not all child stars turn out bad. Maybe even young Brent may have heard of Shirley Temple. She later became our US Ambassador to Ghana and then later still our US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. She served many public posts with distinction.
    This is where I take the time to clear my throat loudly in Brent’s direction. With Love of course.

  • sqs sqs says:


    You have accepted becoming an adult much better than I have (And you look great now!). I never wanted to grow up! From age thirteen on, things seemed to go downhill (depression). Now I feel like a kid trapped in a sixty five year old body.
    Speaking of child stars, here’s an interesting article:


  • Mercy says:

    dewayne is sooo right..people need to understand exactly what he said…you know what i notice about you…and maybe people have said this before but you are very mature for your age…you seem to understand and feel things that people your age dont seem too ….ya know what i mean? anyways…gosh ive commented on here three times now…hope ya dont mind..:)

  • evilgene evilgene says:

    hey brent,

    Great photos.. I so need to get this latest dvd for the collection. I feel like I’ve fallen int a rabbit hole the last few weeks, between work and house guests and everything else, I totally forgot to get some southland martinis.

    I like your comment on getting older. People are like wine, they get better with age. Only a few turn to sour grapes when they do.

    Take care and Smile :) I’m off to a convention…

    HUGS! and Martinis:)


  • Scotty says:

    Brent, I think Mercy said it best: you’ve never looked better! I may not be thrilled with the chin scruff or the brow piercing, but I absolutely love how you’ve built up your body, how your face has matured, and how your eyes and smile light up the screen :->

  • jrex says:

    Brent, just got my copy of “Just the Sex” this past weekend. Must say you are a real hottie. Loved the scruffy chin! Kurt’s really adorable too. My only complaint is the quality of the actual DVD production as my copy has so many freezes and skips and some chapters totally unplayable on my regular DVD player and big TV. Fortunately I could watch most of it played on my portable computer so not a total loss although some jerkiness there too. FYI, Stan the Merman has paid off for you a least as far as I’m concerned. Saw some early press on the movie that mentioned your appearance and was intrigued to check out your website where I ordered the DVD! Don’t know much of your history beyond what’s on this site, but must say I find you very sexy and hope you have a great life and whatever career you choose. Stay healthy!

  • Stingman Stingman says:


    Not sure if you done it on purpose or not however, The Copy of your “Just The Sex” video came to me right on my Birthday!
    Anyways, if you meant it or not I still would like to send you my Wamest “Thank You” for that. It meant a lot to me.


    Ps. I will add it to my collection so that oneday perhaps, if I ever get the chance to be in your company… You can sign all of them for me. I still have my Auction Winnings in a safe place. Hoping to hear something someday. :-)

  • ernie says:

    As you age I have no doubt that you will continue to look good. No worries there. The quest to define your ‘jena se qua’ will continue.


  • Mareczku says:

    Hi Brent. What a treat. Great pictures. You look wonderful as always and Luke is so handsome plus he has a beautiful dick. You description of it was on the mark. A lot of good conversation too. Yes you are a man now, past all the trials and tribulations (& there were more than enough) of being a child star. Blessing to you my friend.

    Peace & Love – Mareczku

  • ExHack says:


    You’re doing a great job of “embracing your age.” You look better now than you did as a toothpick. We should all take of ourselves so well!

  • Creeker Creeker says:

    Thanks for the comment re comments — I like your video style, always real, always natural and always hot. Your face & hard cock say a lot w/any vocals. You’ve always been straight (i.e. truthful) w/us in your blog & video work. You keep making it & we’ll keep watching it.

    Have a great weekend — how about a new smiling head shot on your next blog entry?


  • virgo says:

    Hi Brent,
    I just received (and watched) your two dvds – they were both brilliant and sexy as hell. My fave parts: Truth or Dare, Luke Hass, Dickie and yourself :), Mason and you in the pool. You look gorgeous all the time, but with your short hair and eyebrow ring – I swear I spontaneously ovulated fifteen times.
    I find you to be an amazing person, through your blogs, your honesty and those ‘scorpion’ sting in the tail posts. I loved the uhn dee run and hope that Johnny makes you do more ‘fun’ stuff, life can be too serious and we all need just to break free and be spontaneous (dignity can be over-rated ;) ). Okay, enough gushing like a fangurl. Thank you for making those dvds, such great quality and sexy as fuck.

  • virgo says:

    oops, I forgot to say that I received the dvds less than two weeks after I ordered them. Very impressive as I am in Australia.

  • slick64 says:

    heythere, brent

    as always, you look amazing. and so what if you’re getting older? you will still look amazing! as usual.
    i’m jealous of everything you have. your physique and cock especially…

    i’m glad you enjoyed making the video, as always. =D
    well, everyone has already pretty much summed up what i wanted to say, so i have nothing original to say really.

    hope to hear from you again soon!
    still loving you,

  • jegurashags says:

    you are amazing dude….. your vids have this sense of realty and passion to them unlike other studio porn….. its more real and cinematic

  • mike20np mike20np says:

    omg i just got the dvd and its the best .. luke and brent are so hott together and I got it in 2 days I was shocked

  • Yagofran Yagofran says:

    My hearth stop!

  • kerlovesme16 says:

    Well, I’m just thinking to
    Who inspire u to that film?
    why are you so dedicated to do so
    many porn film?
    Sorry for the question. I’m so
    concerned about ur health.I hope u’ll understand me

  • tom2262 says:

    I really like this a video! Your performance was great.

  • mark89boy says:

    wow this video makes me like you much better…. its like yeahhhhhh… i wish u can fick me too…i want you to virginize me…

  • mark89boy says:

    i wish u can fuck me too….but think its just a dream…

  • Nick Biber says:

    hello brent.. we can make friend … I like u very much..pmmm my yahoo : no_thanx_078..

  • bighotzip says:

    very hot sexy gays

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