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silly antics don't get you much out of life.

Wow! This year’s GayVN Awards has proven to be far more eventful and encapsulating than of any of the few years I have attended in years past!

I have much to share about my experiences of Saturday night. Currently, I am pulling resources, photos and calling on new friends and allies to help definitively set the record straight on some misconceptions that have surfaced over the last 36 hours.

First! The good news! I took home 3 awards my first year nominated as a producer and a performer. I would like to graciously and humbly thank GayVN for presenting me with the awards Best Professional Amateur Video for Summit, Best Twink Video for Just the Sex 1 and Best Bottom Performer of the year.

It has been a stressful and harrowing long few years. Possibly for the first time ever since starting work within this industry I have been able to shed feelings of inadequacy. Decisions I made in my past have inspired studios, models, producers – and well, lets face it, at times; the whole industry to completely turn it’s back on me.

There is nothing worse in life than feeling like an outcast. To be shunned and stripped of all dignity and worth; deemed reprehensible because you were misguided into an unsafe and detrimental situation that you were unprepared to make wise and informed decisions.

In what was an otherwise wonderful evening there was some negativity directed at me from Michael Lucas. While unprovoked, his attempts to thwart a special evening for me were unsuccessful. Without warrant or invite, ML forced himself onto the stage and to the mic during a transitional moment during the show’s proceedings. Bitterly and maliciously, he made this statement:

“Shame on the judges who nominated and awarded Corrigan. On a night we honor ASACP there should be no forgiveness for the company’s and individuals who put the industry in danger by supporting this . . .”

I can’t recall exactly which derogatory terms he used, but it was harsh and aimed to hurt. The boos and applause drown it out on the live feed. More boos were heard than clapping though ;-)

I’ve been called many things over the years. I learned to accept early on that this comes with the territory of living in the public eye. Living my life openly and honestly as a public figure also means people have and always will target me. Saturday evening at the GayVN Awards, Michael Lucas used me as a personal pawn in his game of publicity foul play. He has a running track record to these theatrics and stunts.

Mr. Lucas’ account of the evening in his blog is one long string of fallacies.
He reported that the next my boyfriend was taken into custody after threatening ML at the after party.

No one was arrested, and no one was threatened with any sort of bodily harm. Michael Lucas did say to my boyfriend, however, that he would “never, ever stop harassing your boyfriend!”

Later in the evening after the show, at the after party, Michael Lucas put himself between my boyfriend and me and the exit of the club. We were on our way home. He forced his body into Paul (my boyfriend of almost one year) and stepped on his toes and shoes. Michael immediately was hostile and a shouting match began. Paul requested the aid of two security officials of the venue. A warning was issued to Michael Lucas. The club was loud, there were many people around but words could not easily be heard over the noise unless you were within inches of the incident like I was. Despite this and what lies have been told, no threats of bodily harm or death were made ever to Michael Lucas. Names were called and threats of social ruin and disdain were made.

Paul and I woke the following morning at 8 AM with several police officers at our bedside. Paul was cuffed and taken out into the hallway so he could be questioned separately from me. Paul is 6 foot, 200 + pounds. There was no resist or hostility from either parties; the cuffs were used as a precaution based on the misleading statements ML had previously made to the authorities.

This occurred because Michael Lucas’ pride and ego was brutally wounded when he was booed and the bulk of the GayVN patrons expressed distaste for his uninvited ranting on stage at the event. Michael filed false statements of a serious nature to use the San Francisco Police force as a pawn in his charade. Are you seeing the trend here?

This was done to humiliate and dehumanize me and those who care and look after me. I have people in my life who care about me and who stand by me; when necessary they defend me. I am as proud of them as they are of me.

Once Michael’s history, motives and his outcry on stage were all brought to light to the authorities; Paul was released from his cuffs and we gave our written statements. The police were very fair and even sided. They were polite and quickly drew the correct conclusions. They departed after a little over an hour of discussion. Together Paul and I returned to bed to sleep the morning away.

Michael Lucas could not stand to walk away from the awards with just one accolade. He had to pull tricks and play the bitter card to make it all about him. But at what cost?
Anything Michael Lucas has to recite says more about him than me. If he wants to go on with his fabrications of hate and theatrics, I will have no part in it. He, or anyone else, can only take from me what I allow them to have.

In the last few years I have been called things that would make most people give up on themselves. I have apologized and made arrangements in the past to do what I could to set right what was so very wrong about my underage work. Later this week, I intend to republish and reiterate the circumstances surrounding my premature entrance into the adult industry.

With so much attention once again called to this issue, it is my belief that once and for all I might be able to close the book on that part of my life. I do have thoughts and strong convictions about the legal age of models working within the adult industry and I look forward to sharing.

Thank you to all of you who have supported my work and found it within your hearts to forgive the mistakes I made as a boy. I look forward to sharing pictures from the weekend! I’m still awaiting replies from some of the photographers.

Your Friend and Lover,
Brent Corrigan

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  • kitschmas says:

    Was anybody else thrown off by that comment made by that Larry26969 guy?
    I should have guessed it was a massive A-bomb he they said “usually reliable source”. :|

  • dewayneinsd dewayneinsd says:

    kitschmas I just looked at the date and said ahh April Fools it was a good piece by Larry and I think he posted over on Just One Hot Minute as well.

  • kitschmas says:

    Hah, oops.
    Fuck me, right?:sweat:

  • Stingman Stingman says:

    ~ Hi Brent ~

    Your post was made for very good reading. Very creative i must say. However, you must remember that your the artist here.
    You’re the one who can brush away the clouds on a rainy day, and make the sun shine.
    So keep painting your own pictures, be sure to choose your own colors when painting.
    And forget all that business about having to stay between the lines. Just enjoy your final product. :-)

    ~ A Fan ~

    Ps. Come back to the City… I miss ya!

  • Larry26969 says:

    This comment is mostly for kitschmas and anyone else who may have thought my prior comment was based on a real news article or investigative report. It was not. Perhaps I was a little to subtle when I wrote, “Anyway, its April first so here it is…” Well, it was April 1st where I was when I posted the comment.

    Perhaps I should explain a little more. I was reading another blog where there was a “debate” about the award show altercations and how Michael Lucas and Brent have handled the whole issue. There seemed to be a belief by some that since Mr. Lucas issued a “news release” then it must be factual and more credence should be given to him. I thought this was rather amusing because of a “news release” by Mr. Lucas several weeks ago stating he wrote to President Obama prior to the President’s trip to Canada to meet with their Prime Minister. (Canadian Customs had issues with some of Lucas Entertainment’s videos.) When someone challenged him on the validity of the news release and his letter to the President, Mr. Lucas then claimed it was only a joke. Actually, he ridiculed his readers and fans. There was also a lot of debate on whether Mr. Lucas and Mr. Corrigan had any prior communication about Brent appearing in a Lucas Entertainment video. Mr. Lucas had previously denied there had been any correspondence. But when he was challenged on this fact (and I believe the first challenge was issued by dewayneinsd), Mr. Lucas found at least one email sent by his company.

    Well, the temptation to make a little joke of my own as well as emphasize the point that news releases are not always credible was too strong for me to resist. I posted a comment as “anonymous” on that blog. That same comment was reposted here. So in the interest of being completely candid, I did not just “find” the comment on the another blog.

    Let me share a belief of mine. At the end of my comment I wrote, “When contacted, Mr. Corrigan stated he would have no further comment on this issue.” I included that sentence as I believe Brent has already moved on. One of the things I have observed is that Brent tends to be mostly positive. He may share some concerns with us from time to time, but then he quickly moves on. I doubt there are many of us who can really know what Brent has been through in the last five years. I doubt that I could have taken even a few steps in his shoes. I doubt that I could be as positive. I try to remember that Brent is trying to build a business, his enterprise. I know I could not do anything like that when I was 22.

    A note to Dewayneinsd: You must have eyes and ears everywhere. I have followed your blogs and read your comments on others. You have consistently set the record straight and have supported Brent in so many ways. I wish I could actually know Brent like it seems you do.

    Finally, a special note to Brent: I regret if I caused any confusion to you, your fans or readers. That was certainly not my intent and I apologize of I have caused any problem.

  • dewayneinsd dewayneinsd says:

    Larry Thanks for the compliments but we all (Brent Fans) have eyes and ears peeled for any press,stories or photos that feature Brent Corrigan…

    If you KNEW Brent Corrigan I don’t think any of you would be surprised.

    He is personable,intelligent,funny,normal,sexy,sometimes dorky,by self admission brutally honest with friends and foes alike,sometimes lazy,sometimes Workaholic,a Damn Good Director and cameraman (with two GayVN’s at age 22) an intensely loyal man, a passionate performer and a total eternally frustrated Perfectionist.

    Oh yeah he is also a Lousy Dancer! Hell did I say he was Perfect? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5y4TqoUllg 343,347 views baby!

    I think Brent would just sum up with
    Who cares about the dancing I am a Fabulous Scorpio! ;)

    He would be right!

  • Dentie says:

    Dear Brent!
    First: Congratulations, you definitely earned the awards =)
    And concerning the rest of the evening… I think you really made your point about all the underage work thing and it’s just ended now. There is no need for anyone to pick on you!
    Michael Lucas is nothing but immature, jealous and dumb. Who is he to judge you?! He doesn’t even know how to behave… He must have watched too many soap operas considering his malicious intrigues.
    Please, don’t let it get you down. Everyone who says that you aren’t a good soul is a liar. I – and many, many other people – love your work and what you are trying to get going. We believe in you and we love you for who you are. Never doubt!


  • JoeyOh says:

    Hey congratulations on your wins. You deserved them. Either you have it or you’ve had it and kid you’ve got it! Haven’t seen anything like you since Joey Stefano. The future looks Bright for you. Your story past and present reads like a Hollywood script and is the stuff that sets you apart and secures your place in an industry like this. As for ML Hee Hee… I remember being behind him in a pharmacy in Chelsea and watching him flip out on a pharmacist because his script wasn’t ready and more amusingly” they didn’t know who he was”! It was quite a scene, so you see people do what they do. Good Luck Movie Star Boy

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