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Statements about not making STATEMENTS

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My have I changed!

Hello finally!

Ok, please don’t blame me on this one . . .

I had one day in San Diego to get prepared before Grant and I had to jet set off to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (near Scranton, which is actually where the TV show The Office is staged). I didn’t tell you all before because . . . lets face it, making comments or even acknowledging any of that has been very difficult for Grant and me.

Our trip there was part of trial preparation for Grant and me, as we gear up to serve as witnesses in the brutal and untimely death of Cobra Video owner, Bryan Kocis.

I know I have not made statements about this. Information and premature statements about this horrible crime cannot be shared without compromising the prosecutions’ case. At most I can tell all of you definitively that Grant and I did not have anything to do with this heinous and wrongful act and that we are doing what we can to bring justice for Bryan’s family, despite the very public and hurtful feud that carried on between us. I know many of you lurking out there have a hard time understanding this or believing it, but until you find yourself in the position Grant and I have found ourselves in; you’ll never be able to see from our perspective.

The rumors are purely rumors, if you have been tuning in to them (about me ‘staying’ in PA). Grant and I are safe and well and finally back in San Diego. I have not been able to post my previously written blog entries about my trip to Florida and Another Gay Sequel for a few reasons. First, there wasn’t much time to get the photos resized and prepped for posting. Second, when we finally reached PA, the hotel internet access didn’t work on my computer. Then, when I did finally get to a spot where my computer would receive internet connection, it just flat out crashed on me. This is the second time this little Dell 1150 Inspiron has crashed on me since I have acquired it. Needless to say, Grant and I are not wealthy by any means and our technological tools are beginning to prevent us from getting our work done. All I want for Christmas is the ability to operate my company and this blog without these petty obstacles.

Tomorrow first thing I will find someone who can retrieve two very important blog entries I hope to post soon here about Another Gay Sequel. These were so heartfelt that I cannot even fathom having to rewrite them. I sincerely hope I can get them up and out to all of you before I feel they are irrelevant. One is so powerful that I have never written something so strongly from the heart.

Despite a very busy last 2 or 3 weeks and a relatively rigorous schedule between time spent in Florida, California and Pennsylvania, somehow I still maintain a good head and a decently happy heart. However, learning some of what I have about Bryan and his last few days has certainly left me thinking very differently about a man who you all know stood as my most famous adversary. Today, as I write here, all I want is what is best for his family, and I trust the authorities in Wilkes-Barre know exactly what that is. The men and women working on this case are very capable and it was an honor to be able to sit beside them and help.

Despite all this, I’m home, I’m here and you’ll feel it as I finally get a chance to resume some sort of normalcy. Cross your fingers that I can successfully retrieve these editorial testimonials because once I do, I know all of you will be proud of me, feel me from a place I have been so sadly absent from, and . . . as silly as it may sound now . . . rejoice for me having had the chance to work on a life altering project (AGS that is).

I apologize for skipping around on you on this one. Besides that, enjoy these Cameron Frost photos from the vault. As for me, it’s 2:00 AM and I’m going to go figure out a way to turn my brain off for the evening. I love you all and I’m eternally grateful to have so many of you still standing proudly by my side, despite times when things appeared so bleak on the Corrigan Home Front.

With Love,


I'm thinking . . .

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  • Brent says:

    PS – - What’s the deal? Have y’all just been ignoring the poll on the left side of the blog there? Don’t worry, more stimulating polls are coming. You have to show me first though that it’s even worth all the extra time thinking about new ones! XOXO

  • torath69 says:

    Hey Brent

    I am sorry to hear about your laptop. I hope you are able to retrieve the posts. I am very eager to read what you poured your heart into.

    I am glad that you made it home before the weather got worse. DeWayne was not sure as to when he would have to puck you guys up at the airport.

    Well I hope you have an opportunity for some downtimw before you have to head to Tahoe for your filming.

    BTW for once I got a jump on DeWayne and Albert by text messaging them that this post was up.

    I have also voted in all your polls and look forward to more in the future.

    Well take care
    Bill in Portland

  • torath69 says:

    I see I should not be trying to type blog comments at 4am. THe spelling errors show up more.

    Bill in Portland

  • Jimmy says:

    Nah I didn’t ignored it, lovely Brent ^_^

    I love you too and my only wish is that you are feeling well! I give you a big hug and a good kiss where you want it!


    (You know, you’re going to be my first inspiration for modeling!)

  • enflmdphnx says:

    You are truly an amazing person.

  • milamberrex says:

    Brent – As an FYI, you might mention the polls in the main entry. I read your blog via RSS and only check the actual site when you mention pictures you’ve posted. I may go days without looking at the actual site. I’m sure others probably read your blog via RSS as well and never know about your polls.

  • JimmyD says:

    That’s messed up. I’m sure this will all be over soon.
    Glad you guys are back. Take me to dinner tonight!
    I joke. I’m coming down this morning (from SF) to go see ‘Cry-baby’ at the La Jolla Playhouse as part of a friend’s birthday.

    Can’t wait to read the Lost Brent Corrigan Essays!

    Stay cool, stay healthy!


  • Hekerui says:

    Voted already. lol
    I hope your computer “recovers” so you can post what you intended. Interesting post today.

  • giacomo1986 says:

    Even though it is difficult to ignore your past with Bryan, I don’t think anyone would wish a gruesome beheading on anyone. Such obscene and macabre crimes make one question the humanity of the perpetrators. I sincerely wish his family all the best, and I hope you and Grant are able to cope through the gruelling trial process.

    That aside, I think you need a new laptop Sean! They’re so cheap these days. Regarding your crashed hard disk, any IT professional worth a dime should be able to recover the lost data without too much trouble (so long as the failure wasn’t catastrophic). And the recovery better be quick because we’re all anxiously awaiting your account of the AGS shoot.

    On the subject of polls, I think the main issue is that the text on the left hand side of the blog is TINY! It’s not exactly obvious unless readers happen to squint. Please increase the text size! ;-)

    Cheers from Sydney.

  • Albert says:

    A possible, cheap, temporary solution to your hard drive problem. Remove it, put it in a plastic freezer bag, remove the air from the bag (a soda straw will help), seal it and freeze it. When it is thoroughly frozen, put the drive back in the computer. This may give you as much as three final hours with the drive. After that, or if that does not work, consider the drive toast. Data recovery services can get your information but they can be expensive. Time to buy a new drive. I had the same problem with Dell. My old Dell ate two drives in 6 months. My Toshiba Satellite has been working since you did the teaser for Tell Me. That was the day I was configuring it. It has also traveled with me to San Diego each time and is still running strong. Some of the keys no longer work but I use a wireless keyboard anyway. Good luck with that.

  • Brent says:

    milamberrex – You don’t come to my website?! Do you know what that does to my website traffic!? How will I ever be able to sell advertising on this thing if I can’t at least get the people who WANT to come here to . . . come here? ;-)

    I can’t remember the coding to put the polls into the individual posts. The questions need to stay over there on the left or right so that the are on this page. ALSO – Go to the very top of the blog here just above the header picture and all the polls are archived.

  • evilgene evilgene says:


    Glad you made it home safe from your trips. I hope things are well for you and Grant, now send some WARMTH up here in SF I’m FREEZING. I so miss living in Hawaii during this time of year.

    Keep going man and smile. I so look forward to the poles and blogs. It really helps break up me moving. Have a great weekend and SMILE!


  • AaronD says:

    Hi, glad you’re back home.

    Sorry about your hard drive crashing, my sister has been having issues with hers as well.
    I really hope you’ll be able to recover your lost post, I’m looking forward to reading them.

    On the subject of the polls, keep it up, already voted on this one.

    I wish you and Grant all the best on the whole Bryan case, I really admire how you cope with it.


  • killertim says:

    Hope you can get some down time Brent. This update was great btw and I look forward to what you felt doing the movie shoot.

  • torath69 says:

    So I see it is hopefully DeWayne to the rescue. I just got off the phone with him. I hope he is able to help you to retrieve the three posts so that you can post them.

    I wish you the best and no spelling errors.
    Bill in Portland

  • Mareczku says:

    Hi Brent. You were in my backyard but I didn’t know it. If I saw you I would have given you a hug. I am so sorry for all that you have gone through. What a nightmare for you. I feel so sad that your youth and your innocence were stolen by this man. I think that he belonged in jail but still the way he died was a terrible tragedy. It is hard for me to understand these things. It must be just as hard for you as you are a young person and have seen things that no young person should have to see and suffer things that no young person should have to suffer. You were used and exploited and this is a crime. It seems now that you are trying to recover and many people support and love you. May God bless you and keep you safe.

    Peace & Love – Mareczku

  • davidlondon davidmlondon says:

    hey brent
    sorry to hr what you are going through at the mo (trial and Dell laptop troubles)
    ppl should not be writing unture things about you and the trial after all as they should know if you were a suspect and not a witness you would be arrested not just talked to (how silly ppl can be just to write what they want)
    n gd for you for wantin to bring peace to bryan’s family een after the trouble he caused you
    hope you can get those blogs up m8 as they sound really interesting (with my pc im just finding that sum of my buttons are deciding to sumtimes not work so if u see ne spelling mistakes thats why)
    n i jusat voted for ur poll (you should make it known in ur blog when you pist a new one as i dont always look at the side)
    from your biggest uk fan
    Daid (london, englnad)

  • Zack says:

    If I were you, 1st, I get laid more often, :P, and second I’d wouldn’t say much about the matter in PA either.
    Good luck.

  • Mareczku says:

    Good morning Brent. I just wanted to let you know that I voted in your poll when it first came out. Ireally liked the pictures this time. You are such a handsome guy. I’m glad that everything went went well with the film. I look forward to see you going forward and being treated with respect and putting the days of exploitation behind you.

    Peace & Love – Mareczku

  • jmpenn says:

    Firstly, I’m sorry that you have to endure this whole investigation process–along with all the stress that tags along on its legal coattails. Secondly, I’m sorry you had to be in Pennsylvania. It’s been miserable here!

    Not that you seem to need the encouragement, but keep your chin up, mate. Things always turn out for the right, in the end.

    - Jake

    ps. Congratulations on the movie shoot. All my friends and I back at school can’t wait for its release! I mean… Brent Corrigan as a Merman! Now there’s a wet dream (bad, bad pun).

  • BoystownMayor says:

    You will ALWAYS have my support!

    Best wishes!
    ~Bill Pritchard

  • dewayneinsd dewayneinsd says:

    Brent you ever hear of a “Cheat sheet” yeah just like the one in HS ;-) I take my most important and useful coding I use on my blog and paste into a notepad .txt file and I keep that ON My desktop. That way I can just C & P into the blog. It works great keeping code at hand you have not memorized.

    I know a lot of people use RSS feeds Alexa needs to start tracking this as well (or maybe they do)

    Web Traffic is hard to quantify as it is and frankly I think most sites are UNDER COUNTED.

    Still your traffic today is good and still trending up!

    The best thing you can do is frequent posting! Don’t matter what just post a para or a video you find the more you post the more pings register for your Blog.

    We are going to schedule a Tuneup for your Laptop,,
    I think you need a “service call” as well,,,:-)
    ever notice how tech’s can make the “mundane” sound “Pervy” ;-)

  • blinklemon says:

    Nice to know that you’re alright~
    And I think that it’s not neccesary to write everything about yourself in the blog though I like to read them. But you can keep your secret and tell us when you’re willing to. Although I’m new here but I’ll be always here whenever you need.
    I’ll be there, by your side
    In the morning when you don’t know how to be brave
    I’ll be there, by your side
    Chase the dark light from the sky
    Let the sunshine through
    It is part of the lyrics of vega 4′s “The love you had”.
    Those people who love you and you love are the “I” in this lyrics. :)


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